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The railway from Penrith to Keswick and on to Cockermouth used to pass nearby Threlkeld, but was closed down in the 1960's.
Thankfully, the old trackbed was turned into a footpath, re-using the old series of bridges and most of the tunnels.  This not only made a lovely level path direct into the middle of Keswick, but it has also been incorporated into the Coast-to-Coast (C2C) cycle route across England.

Unfortunately the floods in December 2015 undermined one bridge and washed away another, putting the path out of action for the time being:

The washed-out bridge on
                    the C2C path, in the floods of Dec 2015

Plans are in place to repair the damage and to rebuild the bridges, and we hope that the path will soon be back in use.
Thankfully parts of the path are still open:

Tunnel and bridge on the
                    old railway path into Keswick
The picture above is taken from Tall Guy's Flickr photostream. The following comment is made under this photo:
When we arrived at our camp site near Keswick, we had an early tea and went for a walk. I'd spotted a path not far from the camp site, it led down by a river.. the path soon came to an old Iron railway bridge.. the tracks were gone and replaced with a path. We walked along the path which was the old Keswick railway line, it was quite a joy. It went across old iron bridges crossing the river Greta time and time again. We walked through railway cuttings and through woods before emerging out to see the mountains of the Lake District.. a lucky find on our first night :-)

At the Keswick end one of the tunnels suffered a collapse many years ago and a raised boardwalk has been used to bypass it:

Wooden trestle path on line
                  of old railway

This is a hidden gem, well worth exploring, even if some sections are currently bypassed!
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